Unlock the full potential of your research data on advanced materials with Scimagine!

No more institutional budget struggles caused by multiple expensive digital platform subscriptions.

Our revolutionary solution resolves the problem of petabytes of unstructured and unlabeled research data passively sitting on your institutions’ servers.

Scimagine ensures all the precious research data behind your publications finds a place in the spotlight, accessible and findable to scientists across disciplines.

Do not let your unpublished but still very valuable information go to waste –

collect and structure

index and hyper-annotate

monitor the progress and share

analyze and mine new knowledge

The time and the resources you invested deserve the best return,

and Scimagine is here to make it happen!


Scimagine announces its strategic shift and gradual adoption of Open-Source strategy. Read more in our recent article on Linkedin

We launched in The Hague, Netherlands

What researchers think about us


It is an excellent tool for the experimental data and analysis.

MOF scientist, KAUST


It is very useful project, and I highly recommend it.

Top cited nanotechnologist,
MIT, Northeastern


Congratulations for recognizing this long-standing need!

Senior stuff data scientist, Baker Hughes


I am very impressed  with the work done on ontology

Professor, author of 5 books on ML, KAUST

In order to help guide Scimagine in achieving its mission, the Advisory Board consists of highly qualified individuals that help advise Scimagine on different aspects of its mission to ensure that increasing amounts of precious research data can be found and accessed by scientists across disciplines,  and its values to do so in clear support of Open Science, Open Data, and ultimately to Open Source solutions, as this is what the world needs today to progress science and address global challenges.

Maarten Botterman

Director “GNKS Consult”, Director of the ICANN Board, Future Internet Visionary, privacy and data protection and cybersecurity policy expert

Prof. Jean-Claude Burgelman

Academic Coordinator and Open Science Editor-in-Chief, Frontiers Policy Lab and Director, Frontiers Planet Prize

Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen

CEO of SUSE, Open Source software provider. Former Senior Vice President and GM at Red Hat

Dr. Erik Schultes

FAIR Implementation Lead and International Science Coordinator, GO FAIR Foundation

Dr. Jonathan Cave

Turing Fellow and co-chair of the Alan Turing Institute Data Ethics Group, member of the University of Warwick Economics Department

Gerasim Hovhannisyan

Founder and CEO of EasyDMARC, cybersecurity expert

Contact us

  • info@scimagine.com
  • (+31) 6 29382634


Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 35

2595 AN, The Hague, Netherlands

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