Unified digital platform solution

  • Materials data-oriented cloud-storage
  • Experimental research data management
  • Research groups collaboration
  • Published experimental data indexing
  • Built-in analytics and graphical visualization
  • Digital repository for the unpublished data
  • Digital stock for the infographics, edugraphics and graphical reviews


Select organisation

Scimagine provides you with unique
advanced materials-focused digital
, where you can register all
your experimental data in highly structured
and organized way.

Create Projects and add entries gradually populating them with
all the necessary data upon the progress of your experiments –
text boxes for the
synthesis protocols, numeric data fields for the
properties and the upload option for the characterization files.

Organize and preserve your experiments
data in specially tuned and structured

Invite your collaborators, assign tasks,
monitor progress and communicate

Scimagine provides you with flexible options for the research
group experimental data management.
For each Project
created you can invite your collaborators either as a supervisor,
editor or viewer.

Set up and control the roles of your research sub-groups, assign
tasks for the experiments to be done and monitor the overall
progress. For every task you can leave comments, which helps to
reduce unnecessary group meetings, progress reports
and presentations.

You don’t need to send large-size data through emails and file
transfer services to your external collaborators, just invite them
into your Project.

Stop wasting
precious data on
advanced materials

Contribute to the preservation of
the precious scientific data and stop
the waste in science by reporting your
unpublished materials in reportNANO section.

Other researcher may find this data useful for different purposes
and the material that you synthesized and characterized may
find its unpredicted application.

Integrated plot has multiple types of data graphical representations and comparison options. You can use it to sort your search results based on their logical or numeric values. See the clustering and extremums.

Use our built-in plot feature to reveal
the hidden correlations and to mine a
new knowledge

Make the complex scientific
concepts and reviews visually
appealing and digestible.

stockNANO is a digital library for the graphical reviews,
infographics, edugraphics, animations and illustrations

relating to the advanced materials science. You either can use or
share your graphical science through this customized library.

About Us


Scimagine is a startup invented an innovative
cloud֊based platform for the categorized experimental
data, structured and stored in the form of searchable
database. Our startup is supported by the Innovation
Fund of the King Abdullah University of Science and
Technology (KAUST).