Mission and Vision

Most Universities and Research Institutions’ budgets are struggling to afford the ever-increasing subscription cost of myriads of digital platforms to support their research, which further introduces even costlier fragmentation. The amount of data produced by experimental science is growing exponentially, generating thousands of petabytes of unstructured and unlabeled experimental data passively sitting on the Universities’ servers. They present an enormous challenge to efficient search, structuring, indexation, and analysis.

Currently research data is hidden behind paywalls, mostly – in non-indexed pages of supporting materials to the article. In the modern world, where all the types of data are being collected and shared online – experimental data still largely stays invisible and unsearchable. Moreover, during their experiments, scientists generate large amounts of precise data. But not all of this data got eventually published, because most of it doesn’t fit the articles’ philosophy. As a result, it is discarded or stored on personal and institutional drives and becomes invisible and unavailable both for humans and for machines. But this information has a huge value if scientists from other research areas and disciplines have controlled access to it.

We do believe that this data should be collected, properly indexed, shared and analyzed because the serious amount of highly skilled scientists’ time and great financial resources being invested to produce it.

Scimagine’s Ultimate Goal

Scimagine as a service for the formation of extended research and innovation has a potential to:

  • Make scientific data accessible, visible, searchable, preservable and analyzable
  • Return to the Scientific Community the control and the ownership of data they produce
  • Make Scientific Data industry more democratic and inclusive
  • Shrink the expenditures of Universities on digital platforms, databases and applications
  • Accelerate and catalyze collaboration within and between the Universities and Industries
  • Accelerate scientific progress through higher level of dissemination of information
Benefits for Universities and Institutions

  • Scimagine makes it easy for researchers to produce FAIR research outputs
  • Makes research data Fully AI-Ready
  • Helps researchers to hyper-structure, organize, store, and protect institutional IP
  • Enhances collaborative experience
  • Prevents waste of valuable data