Currently the most of scientific experimental data is hidden behind the paywall of publishers, mostly – in scanned pages of supporting materials to the article. In the modern world, where all the types of data are being collected and shared online - experimental data still largely stays invisible and unsearchable. We believe that the time to treat the scientific data appropriately has become and we made our step to make these data collected, categorized, stored and available for the scientists.

During their experiments, scientists generate large amount of precise data. But not all of this data got eventually published, because the most of it doesn’t fit the article’s philosophy. As a result, it is discarded or stored on the personal and institutional drives and becomes invisible. But this information has a huge value if other scientists will have access to it. We do believe that this data should be collected and shared, because serious amount of highly skilled scientists’ time and big financial resources being used to fund it.

Based on scientific fact, the human perceives complex scientific information faster and deeper if it is visual, compared to the semantic and the numeric ways of representation. Specialized stock for the visuals relating the nanoscience will contribute dramatically in dissemination of a knowledge in these field.